Kalorik CC-20575 Combination Grill/Waffle Maker Review

The Kalorik CC-20575 is a 700-watt indoor grill. This versatile small appliance can also be used as a waffle and sandwich maker. You can find this model for an average price of $50. Keep reading to learn about some of the features that it offers.


The Kalorik CC-20575 is packaged with three interchangeable cooking plates. One of the plates is designed to make waffles, and one is for grilling vegetables and meats. There is also a cooking plate with four pockets for making sandwiches.


The Kalorik CC-20575 grill/waffle maker offers an adjustable thermostat. This allows you to choose the right temperature based on the type of food that you’re cooking. There are settings of minimum, 340 degrees, 375 degrees, and maximum. The maximum temperature lies somewhere between 400 and 440 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Kalorik CC-20575 has indicators to let you know when the machine is on and when it has reached the desired cooking temperature. The grill also features a glide-action auto-opening lid. There is also an oil drip tray to keep oil and grease away from your food.


You will like how easy the Kalorik CC-20575 combination grill is to maintain. Each of the cooking plates have a non-stick coating so they’re easy to clean. The grill also has hidden hinges which makes for easier cleaning.


The Kalorik CC-20575 is fitted with non-slip feet on the bottom to keep the vollrath panini press stable on your countertop. It also has a stainless steel finish so it won’t look out of place in your kitchen. The unit is backed by a one year limited warranty.

The Kalorik CC-20575 combination grill/waffle maker is packaged with three interchangeable plates which allow you to cook a variety of foods. There is also an adjustable thermostat which you can set to minimum, 340 degrees, 375 degrees, and maximum. The grill also offers indicator lights to let you know when it’s on and when it has finished heating up.

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My Run


My name is Steve Knowlton and I am running over 4000 miles across the United States from the northwest corner of the state of Washington to the southeast coast of Florida.

My goal is to raise money and awareness for the cure of Crohn’s disease and Colitis. We ask for your support and donations to help in the cure of these diseases.

I began my journey on July 30 and I try to cover at least 40 miles per day,

I look forward to hearing from everyone.  Please write to me

Steve Knowlton
14977 Manitou Road
Prior Lake, MN 55372

For help with my personal cost in this endeavor please donate by clicking the button to the right.

Steve Knowlton

A Little Background On Steve

During my Senior year of High School, in the spring while participating in Track I contracted Chrohn’s disease and went from 180 pounds to 137 pounds in about 7 months.

Following high school I went on to play college basketball for Golden Valley Lutheran College, all the while I was gradually getting worse. In December of my Freshman year of college I had surgery done to remove the ulcers performed by the famous Dr. Najarian at the University of Minnesota Hospital.

I have had numerous bouts which I have been able to overcome and have not had to have another surgery. I had never heard of this disease until I got it.

I have gone on to run 43 marathons and two ultra marathons both over 50 miles (one was 52.5 miles the equivalent of two marathons!).

I found my running inspiration when my dad ran the City of Lakes marathon when I was 12. I thought I should be able to do that, so I ran Grandmas Marathon in 1979 when I was 13 yrs old, the youngest one to finish that year.

I credit my father for getting me into long distance running, he also has run about 40 marathons.

Please join me and follow along as I take on this monumental challenge of running across America to help fight Chron’s Disease and Colitis.