A Little Background On Steve

During my Senior year of High School, in the spring while participating in Track I contracted Chrohn’s disease and went from 180 pounds to 137 pounds in about 7 months.

Following high school I went on to play college basketball for Golden Valley Lutheran College, all the while I was gradually getting worse. In December of my Freshman year of college I had surgery done to remove the ulcers performed by the famous Dr. Najarian at the University of Minnesota Hospital.

I have had numerous bouts which I have been able to overcome and have not had to have another surgery. I had never heard of this disease until I got it.

I have gone on to run 43 marathons and two ultra marathons both over 50 miles (one was 52.5 miles the equivalent of two marathons!).

I found my running inspiration when my dad ran the City of Lakes marathon when I was 12. I thought I should be able to do that, so I ran Grandmas Marathon in 1979 when I was 13 yrs old, the youngest one to finish that year.

I credit my father for getting me into long distance running, he also has run about 40 marathons.

Please join me and follow along as I take on this monumental challenge of running across America to help fight Chron’s Disease and Colitis.

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